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My work as a Creative Director spans multi-faceted campaigns, digital, print, film and experiential. Below are are few examples. 

Public Sector Client

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Role: Creative Director & Exec Producer

A behaviour change campaign for a Public Sector client to raise awareness of domestic abuse. The campaign included print, digital and film. *Branding has been removed due the sensitive nature of the project but full examples of the campaign are available in my password-protected portfolio. 


Role: Creative Director & Curator

A film festival at the British Film Institute which raised awareness about sexual violence in conflict. I commissioned and directed 8 new interactive artworks including a broken red carpet for celebrities to walk on which was created by a survivor. Angelina Jolie delivered speeches and workshops 

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Working with the talented illustrator Jonny Lighthands we created an eye-catching behaviour-change campaign and training package which included print, digital and film. 

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Working with Lloyd's in-house Storytelling team I created a multi-faceted campaign to encourage colleagues. It included digital, print and film assets. 

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Working with Lloyd's in-house Storytelling team I created a series of large scale wall designs for Lloyds Banking Group's offices to celebrate their rich heritage of innovation in a contemporary way. These are displayed all over the UK.

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Working with Lloyd's in-house Storytelling team I created a set of cards which encouraged LBG staff to tell better stories. 

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Whilst I was Creative Director in The British Army I created many campaigns which included print products, digital media and film.

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As part of a campaign for the charity Compassion I created a set of evocative photos of children in Uganda.

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